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Welcome to Impact Education, LLC's, continuing nursing education (CNE) page. In collaboration with our accredited coproviders, we offer engaging and meaningful CNE activities certified for CEUs, free of charge. Activities are designed specifically to meet the needs of nurses (RNs, LPNs, advanced practice) and nurse practitioners. Many activities are focused on those working in the managed care/payer setting and cover a variety of important, timely topics in multiple formats, including live, on-demand, and print-based CE. Various programs offer additional tools and resources to help you easily incorporate new learning into practice.

Legislation regarding continuing medical education for health care professionals remains on the minds of many. Those in the industry want to know where past legislation stands and what the future may hold. When it comes to obtaining continuing medical education credits, however, one fact is certain: doing so has never been easier, thanks to free CNE courses available online. When choosing courses, individuals need to know what to look for to ensure the credits will meet the requirements for their state or organization. Read More.

The Role of Nursing in Health Care

Nurses are often the first to interact with a patient and provide critical information other health care professionals also will need to provide the highest level of care. For this reason, continuing medical education courses, such as free CNE activities, must recognize the need for comprehensive training in this area and find a way to deliver the information in a timely manner. In addition, nurses and nurse practitioners often work with patients to manage chronic diseases and visit with these patients to provide training for treating their disease at home, as this helps to improve the quality of care. The need for continuing education for nurses has increased, as the health care profession suffers from a shortage of nurses in certain specialties. Soon, nurses will be asked to fill more of this void if this trend continues.

For this reason, continuing education classes, including free CNE activities, need to cover the topics of most concern to nurses in the field. Information on the latest treatments or emerging therapies or focusing on big data and how it can help with keeping costs low are just some of the wide-ranging topics that are currently being offered. Through continuing medical education training, nurses can find topics that meet their unique needs based on what they work with on a daily basis.

An independent medical education provider, Impact Education, LLC, remains dedicated to providing free CNE educational programs of the highest quality, with the goal of developing programs that improve patient outcomes while increasing the efficiency of health care delivery. In addition, they do so in a cost-effective manner. Many activities focus on payer audiences and managed care needs. The Alliance for CME honored Impact Education, LLC, with the Award for Outstanding Collaboration, as they recognized the organization demonstrates uniqueness or innovation in the area of effective continuing medical education/continuing education collaboration. Individuals know they can count on Impact Education, LLC, to obtain the education they need to provide patients with the highest level of care at all times.

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