Oluwasheyi Akin Ayeni, MD
Clinical Neurologist
Kaiser Permanente

My path to Atlanta was a winding journey. I spent a few months in Michigan, where I was born, before my family left for California. Then after about eight years there, we moved to Maryland before I returned to California to attend Stanford University and work in San Francisco. In 2008, I moved to Atlanta to complete school and my neurology residency at Emory University. After a couple year stint in New York for a multiple sclerosis fellowship, I returned to Atlanta. Being the youngest in a big extended family and having parents who were in the medical field, my family always encouraged me to go wherever I wanted and to pursue my dreams. Having the opportunity to live in a variety of places, I truly enjoy calling Atlanta my home.

My specialty is neurology with a focus in multiple sclerosis and neuro-immunology, where I mainly see patients in clinic. I believe the brain is easily the most interesting part of our bodies and even though we have drastically improved our understanding of the nervous system, we still have much to learn. Multiple sclerosis and other neuro-immunologic conditions can affect every part of a person's life from their ability to think, to see, to eat, to walk. Seeing people who potentially face many challenges, it is extremely rewarding to be able to help them feel better in a variety of ways and to get to know them and their families in a variety of ways. I work with an incredible team in my clinic and collaborate with providers from multiple services including behavioral health, physical therapy and pain management. It is a privilege to work with a multitude of dedicated professionals all with the same goal to help and educate our members.