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Post-Activity Survey and Evaluation
Managing Multiple Sclerosis: A Guide for Specialty Pharmacy Professionals

April 29, 2019
In an effort to better determine the overall effectiveness of continuing education activities, we are conducting a brief survey. Listed below are questions for which we would like your responses. All information obtained will be used and reported in aggregate only, without individual attribution. Thank you for your participation.

If you have any questions please contact us at

*All questions are required.
Q1.1 Now that you have participated in this activity, how confident are you in your ability to identify the therapeutic target/mechanism of action of MS agents in late-phase development?
Q1.2 According to the MS Evidence Report from the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), the number of MS patients that need to be treated with a disease modifying therapy (DMT) to prevent one relapse has a range that begins with ___ patients.
Q1.3 Which of the following treatment goals in MS is considered an “Evolving Measure”?
Q1.4 Now that you have participated in this activity, how confident are you in your ability to gauge the balance between effective medical and pharmacy management of MS and maximizing the value of high-cost disease-modifying therapies (DMTs)?
Q1.5 Within your plan or practice setting when applicable, how often do you plan to employ MS care management strategies designed to improve patient outcomes in a cost-effective manner?  (1 = Never, 6 = Always)
(Please select the appropriate number on the scale below or mark if this decision or authority is outside your usual scope of practice)  
Evaluation Form

Medical Education Resources, Inc. is committed to excellence in continuing education, and your opinions are critical to us in this effort.  To assist us in evaluating the effectiveness of this activity and to make recommendations for future educational offerings, please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation form.

You must complete this evaluation form to receive acknowledgment for completing this activity.
Q1.6 What is your specialty?
  Q1.6a. Please explain "other".
Q1.7 What best describes your primary role?
  Q1.7a. Please explain "other".
Q1.8 How many years have you been in your area of responsibility?
Q1.9 Approximately how many patients with multiple sclerosis are being managed in your organization, practice setting, or affiliated organizations?
Q1.10 Rate how well the activity supported your achievement of these learning objectives.
  Review the safety, efficacy, and other attributes of emerging MS therapies          
  Discuss recent insights into cost offsets associated with new and emerging MS therapies          
  Employ specialty pharmacy management and benefit design strategies for MS therapies to promote appropriate prescribing          
  Analyze care pathways and their application to manage economic outcomes in MS          
Q1.11 Please select the extent to which you agree/disagree that the speakers achieved the following:
Effective in Presenting the Material
  Harold Moses, Jr., MD          
  Edmund Pezalla, MD, MPH          
Q1.12 Please select the extent to which you agree/disagree that the speakers achieved the following:
Avoided Commercial Bias or Influence
  Harold Moses, Jr., MD          
  Edmund Pezalla, MD, MPH          
Q1.13 Rate how well the activity achieved the following.
  The content was evidence based          
  The educational material provided useful information for my practice          
  The activity enhanced my current knowledge base          
  The activity provided appropriate and effective opportunities for active learning (eg, case studies, discussion, Q&A, etc)          
  The opportunities provided to assess my own learning were appropriate (eg, questions before, during or after the activity)          
Q1.14 Based upon your participation in this activity, do you intend to change your practice and/or administrative behavior?
Q1.16 If you plan to change your practice and/or administrative behavior, what type of changes do you plan to implement?
(check all that apply)
  Q1.16o. Please specify "other".
Q1.17 How confident are you that you will be able to make your intended changes?
Q1.18 Which of the following do you anticipate will be the primary barrier to implementing these changes?
  Q1.18o. Please specify "other".
Q1.19 Was the content of this activity fair, balanced, objective, and free of commercial bias?
  Q1.19o. Please explain.
Q1.29 Type of Credit
Q1.31 TO CLAIM CREDIT: Upon submission of your evaluation you will be redirected to a web page with instructions. You must follow the instructions to claim credit.

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