John J. Mahoney, MD, MPH

John J. (Jack) Mahoney is retired from Pitney Bowes where, as Strategic Healthcare Initiatives Director, he was a key team leader for the company's innovative healthcare programs. Dr. Mahoney's responsibilities included advanced healthcare planning for employees and benefits planning for employees and retirees. Subsequent to retiring from his full-time position, Dr. Mahoney has assumed the role of Consultant for Strategic Health Initiatives at Pitney Bowes and continues to be active in shaping the company's health care programs. In addition, he is the Medical Director of the Florida Health Care Coalition, a founding member and board member of the Center for Health Value Innovation.

Dr. Mahoney is co-author of two books that analyze the value-based insurance initiative: Total Value, Total Return: Seven Rules for Optimizing Employee Health Benefits for a Healthier and More Productive Workforce (2006) and BeneFIT Design: Seven Steps to Value-Based Health Benefit Decisions (2007). Both books challenge traditional healthcare benefit plans and strategies and contribute to the healthcare industry's discourse on providing evidence-based benefits and interventions in managing the health of employees.